We're building a generation with the skills, habits and confidence to Thrive.

What if you could set your brain up to seek out success?

Thrive is our online Personal Leadership Program which puts you in the driving seat of your life. Designed for our current generation of 15 to 30 year olds, our program helps you thrive your way in as little as eight weeks.

Backed by science and 24 years of research and development, our program helps build wellbeing and resilience to meet anything life throws at you.

A combination of self-paced online learning and one-to-one coaching helps you set goals that are personal to you, and build the habits and skills to achieve them.

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The 4 Big Decisions that create habits for success

Thrive Personal Leadership Program is centered around instilling four big habits for lasting change.

  • Decide to be happy

  • Decide to goal plan

  • Decide to send stars

  • Decide to grow

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  • The course is highly interactive, keeping it fresh and engaging. The one-to-one coaching sessions are a brilliant opportunity to have some targeted conversations about the learning and how its application into daily life is going. My coach led with unconditional positive regard and was constantly supportive of my learning and engagement with the program.

    Chelsea - Participant

  • This Thrive course has helped me a lot. I gained so much that it has helped me to achieve my dream job and helps me to this day keeping it. Also, this course has helped my social life as well. Has put my life back on track.

    Dylan (19Y) - Participant

  • This program is something I wish I could've done ten years ago. It has helped me discover aspects of life and leadership to facilitate my own personal growth, and my ability to lead others.

    The tools and strategies throughout the program provide the transition from theory to practice in our own lives.

    Chris (27Y) - Participant

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The psychology behind the program

The Marshman Foundation is the research and development arm of our organisation, which provides thought leadership and support to protect the integrity and fidelity of our programs and services, ensuring they remain current and relevant.

Using their suite of measures and a global evidence base, Marshman Foundation continually test the assumptions around the short and long term impact of our programs and services.

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What is Included?

  • The Skills You Need

    Each week you will acquire in-demand skills such as critical and creative thinking, positive communication, organisational skills, and digital literacy. But best of all, you will be able to apply these skills in your life so you can see they actually work.

  • Evidence Based

    Our program is underpinned by a range of psychological theories, including cognitive behaviour approaches, motivation, social learning theory, and positive psychology. It is also built on our 20+ years of experience working with, and learning from, young people.

  • 8 Self-Paced Modules

    While you will participate in one-to-one coaching fortnightly, the rest of the program can be completed at your own pace, around study, work, and life. You only need to allow three hours per week - making the program fit in, and around, you and your needs.

  • One-to-One Coaching

    We understand that you have personal goals. We take the time to learn about you and match a coach to your interests. You then work together over Zoom to set your goals, and build the habits and skills to achieve them.

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