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The future of work means employees need to be equipped with the skills and confidence to thrive. Our Thrive@Work program is delivered over eight to sixteen weeks in partnership with industry, workforce, and group training organisations. It includes one-to-one coaching and peer mentoring. The program helps improve the performance and retention of participants by equipping them with enterprise skills such as critical and creative thinking, positive communication, collaboration, confidence, and digital literacy.

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Why invest in personal leadership?

Our world-class program will not only equip your employees with in-demand enterprise skills, but will also help increase optimism and resilience, which means improved wellbeing.

Through weekly online self-guided assignments, fortnightly one-to-one coaching, and group sessions over Zoom, participants will have the opportunity to explore key areas of interest and tailor coaching discussions relevant to your industry and achieving their goals.

Underpinned by a range of psychological theories, including cognitive behaviour approaches, motivation, social learning theory and positive psychology, it is also backed by our 24 years experience delivering evidence based programs and services to more than 14,000 teenagers and young adults.

  • Improved intergenerational team understanding and relationships.

  • Build reputation as a career defining employer.

  • Balance technical skills with human skills.

  • Arm employees with skills, attitudes and habits that translate across every area of the organisation.

  • Build leadership bench strength and improve retention.

  • Enhance personal and professional leadership capabilities.

  • Improve wellbeing and resilience for peak performance.

  • Develop creative problem solving skills to tackle challenges & find solutions.

  • Build confidence and understanding of personal strengths.

  • Strengthen relationships with leaders, colleagues and peers.

  • Plan future goals and access tools to help reach them.

  • Improve time management and organisation skills to increase productivity.

  • Build influence and positive and assertive communication skills.

  • Participants define and work toward their own version of success.

  • Understand strengths and use them to an advantage.

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We are built on 24 years of research and development with consistently measured and reported results.

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Set them up for success

Our Thrive@Work program helps apprentices to increase rates of retention, and builds their lifelong skills and habits to increase workplace success in the future.

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  • I have learnt so much about myself and my capabilities that I didn't think that was possible. It has made me realise the endless possibilities that can come from learning about personal leadership and goal setting. It is actually a life changing program to be completely honest. Since completing the program I feel as though I have so much more knowledge on how to grow as a person. I feel as though I can communicate with people better and I can plan my life better to achieve the goals that I set myself.

    Apprentice Participant

  • This program has reminded me to think about myself more and how I treat others. It has also taught me how to achieve my goals in a better way. Overall, this program has made me realise I need to think more on how to make my future more successful in a happy way.

    Apprentice Participant

  • The program has taught me how to take full control of my life and to try and pursue my full potential. It has done this from the many ways to stay focused on my goals, to how to stop procrastinating. It has taught me so much that I can't really say it all, but it is certainly well worth it and very rewarding.

    Apprentice Participant

"By having apprentices that are open, team orientated and confident, we will see changes as the business moves towards a newer and sustainable future. It will open many more doors for them if they continue on the path set out. There is a lot of change happening within the business and being able to have the tools to overcome these is important."

GFG Alliance Staff Member

  • Flexible program duration

    An online personal leadership program that can be delivered over 8 to 16 weeks - all that is needed is a laptop or computer. The program puts participants in positive control of their future, and equips them with the skills to help them flourish in the workplace.

  • Gain skills for the workplace

    Through the program, participants gain essential skills to practice and apply within the workplace, such as critical and creative thinking, communication, digital literacy, along with learning habits and attitudes to improve performance.

  • 8 self-paced modules

    While participants take part in weekly group sessions, and one-to-one coaching fortnightly, the rest of the program can be completed around work and life - making the program fit in, and around, your workforce needs.

  • Evidence based program

    Our program is underpinned by a range of psychological theories, including cognitive behaviour approaches, motivation, social learning theory, and positive psychology. It is also built on our 20+ years of experience working with, and learning from, young people.

  • Individual coaching

    We understand that each participant will have goals that are personal to them, so their coach will work with them, one-to-one, to help build the habits and skills to achieve them. 4 x 30 minute coaching sessions are included per participant.

  • Weekly Zoom Sessions

    Participants will access 8 group sessions to explore program content in more detail and enjoy the benefits of peer learning.

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