Thrive Personal Leadership Program Results

The measurement and analysis of our programs are as much a part of the delivery as the content itself. Using internationally recognised measures such as The Mental Health Continuum (MHC_SF) and Locus of Control we accurately and consistently analyse the effectiveness and impact of Thrive on each participant. Year on year these outcomes show our Personal Leadership Program is having a meaningful effect on the lives of the people we support, in both their psychological health and their personal accountability.

Improved Personal Accountability

Our Thrive Personal Leadership Program is shown to improve participants personal accountability for their life outcomes.

Research shows an optimal Locus of Control leads to the following benefits:

- Higher levels of job motivation, job performance, job satisfaction, and leadership.

- Higher self-image, greater academic success, and more perseverance in the face of difficulty.

- Improved psychological wellbeing and reduced risk of depression, and even improved physical health.

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We're consistently measuring outcomes, and here's what they're saying.

  • Time Management & Organisation

    90% of participants have improved their time management and organisation skills after completing the program.

  • Confidence

    90% of participants feel more confident after completing the program, with 75% reporting an improved self-image.

  • Goal Setting & Action Planning

    83% of participants are confident they can achieve their goals.

  • Strengths

    92% of participants have a better understanding of their personal strengths and how to apply them in life.

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