Our Team

  • Tamsin Simounds

    General Manager

    Tamsin is the purpose driven leader of Generation Thrive. She has over a decade of corporate health leadership and senior people and culture management experience, on top of five years as an entrepreneur, executive coach and facilitator of leadership programs to national and international small, medium and ASX listed companies across various industries.

  • Courtney Grigg

    Program Manager

    We challenge you to try having a chat to Courtney without feeling energised and inspired. Courtney is a passionate leader, who has been supporting young Australians to grow, succeed, and realise their own potential through personal leadership for over a decade. With an eye for detail, and off the charts ability to build relationships and provide efficient customer service, our programs are in the safest of hands. Courtney is an all-rounder with experience in community and regional development, leadership coaching, and program implementation and design. She's driven with work with individuals, teams, and communities to build their capacity and be at their best.

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