Skills and habits to reach your goals.

We understand young people and adults who are living with disability or struggling to get a foothold in secure employment have diverse needs. We work with them and their support partners to find the best solution to meet their requirements.

Utilising our expertise in the areas of wellbeing, enterprise, and personal leadership, our programs can be tailored to meet individual needs. A range of customisable programs and services are available to be adapted to meet the needs of individuals, services, and organisations that work with people requiring additional support.

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Be your best you

Thrive is your opportunity to improve your communication, boost your wellbeing and gain the skills to be workplace ready.

For NDIS recipients, you may be able to use your NDIS budget to pay for part or all of the cost of this program. We recommend working with you plan managers and coordinators to find out which plan and budget options best align with our program. Historically, plans such as increased social and community participation, improved daily living, improved relationships, and improved learning have been accepted.

For more information visit the NDIS website.

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  • Define and achieve personal success for you

  • Understand your strengths

  • Decrease procrastination

  • Increased wellbeing and resilience

  • Feel more in control of your life

  • Create and achieve meaningful goals

  • Effective communication

  • Enhanced problem solving ability

  • Feel confident in your decision making

  • Boosted motivation

  • Stronger relationships

  • Develop your leadership skills

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We are built on 24 years of research and development with consistently measured and reported results.

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  • 8 Week Program

    An eight week Personal Leadership Program designed specifically for students, which helps you build habits, attitudes and skills for success. and certifies you as a personal leader.

  • The Skills You Need

    Each week you will acquire in-demand skills such as critical and creative thinking, positive communication, organisational skills and digital literacy, But best of all, you will be able to apply these skills in your life so you can see they actually work.

  • 8 Self-Paced Modules

    While you will participate in one-to-one coaching fortnightly, the rest of the program can be completed around study, work and life. You need to allow 3 hours per week - making the program fit in, and around, you and your needs.

  • Evidence Based

    Thrive @ Life is underpinned by a range of psychological theories, including cognitive behaviour approaches, motivation, social learning theory and positive psychology. It is also built on our 24 years of experience working with, and learning from young people.

  • One-to-One Coaching

    We understand that you will have goals that are personal to you, so our program includes four 30-minute coaching sessions. Your coach will work with you one-to-one over Zoom to help you build the habits and skills required to achieve your goals.

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