Building leaders for life.

Together, we can create opportunities for your leaders of the future to develop life-long skills, habits and confidence to thrive.

At a time when the war for talent is strong, retention is both difficult and extremely important, and your emerging workforce is driven more for meaning, fulfilment, and a fast-tracked career path than ever before, investing in the growth and development of the leaders of your future in the areas that matter is critical.

We know you want to invest in programs that work. That's important to us too.

Our program is delivered over eight to sixteen weeks in partnership with industry, workforce and group training organisations, including one-to-one coaching and peer mentoring. The program helps improve the performance and retention of participants by equipping them with enterprise skills such as critical and creative thinking, positive communication, collaboration, confidence, and digital literacy.

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Why invest in personal leadership?

Through the Thrive@Work Personal Leadership Program, participants develop lifelong learning, habits and attitudes that improve performance and lead to success. They will learn how to unlock their leadership potential and acquire in-demand skills such as:

- Critical and creative thinking
- Organisation and time management
- Communication and social skills
- Digital literacy
- And knowledge on how to improve confidence and wellbeing

Equipping your workforce with these skills will see an uptick in engagement, culture, wellbeing and performance that will leave your competitors wondering what you secret weapon is.

  • Improved intergenerational team understanding and relationships.

  • Build reputation as a career defining employer.

  • Balance technical skills with human skills.

  • Arm employees with skills, attitudes and habits that translate across every area of the organisation.

  • Build leadership bench strength and improve retention.

  • Enhance personal and professional leadership capabilities.

  • Improve wellbeing and resilience for peak performance.

  • Develop creative problem solving skills to tackle challenges & find solutions.

  • Build confidence and understanding of personal strengths.

  • Strengthen relationships with leaders, colleagues and peers.

  • Plan future goals and access tools to help reach them.

  • Improve time management and organisation skills to increase productivity.

  • Build influence and positive and assertive communication skills.

  • Participants define and work toward their own version of success.

  • Understand strengths and use them to an advantage.

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We are built on 24 years of research and development with consistently measured and reported results.

The measurement and analysis of our programs are as much a part of the delivery as the content itself. Using internationally recognised statistical analysis measures we accurately and consistently assess the effectiveness and impact of our Thrive program on each participant. Year-on-year these outcomes show our personal leadership program is having a meaningful effect on the lives of the people we support, and demonstrates the positive influence we as a community can have on improving enterprise skill attainment and improved wellbeing.

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  • Who is the Program For?

    The Thrive@Work Personal Leadership Program is designed for organisations looking to build leadership bench strength, while also investing in the wellbeing and mental resilience of their teams.

    Participants need to have functional literacy and IT skills to navigate the program and access to a computer and internet.

  • 12 Weeks of Self Paced Learning

    The self-paced time commitment for participants undertaking the 12-week program is approximately 2 hours per week to work through each of the eight modules. Each module has engaging content to enhance learning and personal development. This includes interactive activities, videos, and discussion forums open to the group. On completion of the program, participants will be recognised as a certified personal leader.

  • One-to-One Coaching

    Uniquely, this program offers 4 x 1:1 coaching sessions for each participant over the period of the program. This provides a safe and open environment to circle back on the important core content, reiteration of complex theories and ideas, and an opportunity for participants to workshop with their coach on how to use and apply the concepts in order to achieve their program goals and increase their personal leadership.

  • Group Coaching Sessions

    Groups meet eight times through the program over Zoom to contextualise what they are learning to their working lives, and further explore key areas of interest through peer-led discussions. There is an opportunity to introduce industry mentors as part of this process to add value and perspective through their lived experiences, adding even more relevance to the program and its content, as well as creating an exciting career opportunity to your participants.

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