Generation Thrive is a social enterprise supporting Youth Opportunities' vision of a world where all young people have opportunities to be their best.

The purpose of our social enterprise is to build personal leadership in young people and young adults, returning profits to Youth Opportunities, and support marginalised young people develop lifelong skills, habits and confidence to Thrive.

We achieve this through the delivery of our world-class personal leadership programs that put participants in positive control of their own lives. Our programs equip them with enterprise skills, develop their wellbeing and resilience to create a generation who will thrive well into their future.

Each year the number of young people feeling worried about their future is increasing, with research showing concerns around employment and employability skills raised by both young people and employers. Coupled with increases in mental health issues and stress, our current generation of 15 to 30 year olds need help to build a pathway to success.

Backed by science and 24 years of research and development, our programs equip participants with the personal leadership skills and attitude to be happy and succeed, while helping them design their desired future at their own pace, in their own time and with their own coach. Their future, their way.

  • Youth Opportunities

    For the past 24 years Youth Opportunities has helped more than 14,500 young Australians to take positive control of their lives. Through delivery of a range of evidence based personal leadership programs and wrap-around support services Youth Opportunities reduces the barriers that hold young people back from achieving their potential. In partnership with high schools across Australia, Youth Opportunities is now equipping over 2,000 young people each year with the enterprise and life skills needed for their future, as well as the habits that help them build resilience and optimism, and the confidence to take on opportunities to thrive in education, work and life. Youth Opportunities programs and services are valueable to all young people. However, the organisation raises funds to ensure marginalised young people experiencing disadvantage or adversity are able to access them at no cost to enable a more equitable, fair and thriving Australia where all young people have the opportunity to be their best.

  • Marshman Foundation

    The Marshman Foundation is the research and development organisation behind our programs, providing thought leadership and support to protect the integrity and fidelity of our programs and services.

    Working in consultation with Youth Opportunities and Generation Thrive, Marshman Foundation brings skills and knowledge in education and training, psychology and information technology, and ensures our programs and services remain relevant and effective. The foundation also oversees new programs and services, and testing their viability in the marketplace.

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